Requires Hate revealed: Benjanun Sriduangkaew’s true identity and her extremely privileged extended family

Please don’t harass or send nastygrams to anyone mentioned in this article. There won’t be contact information here; just names, links, and pictures from public websites. According to WordPress’s user guidelines, names and “publicly available” photos/information are not considered private. It’s a breach of netiquette to disclose someone’s real name, but it’s not a breach of this site’s terms of service, nor is it illegal.

I’m doing this because I told her I would if she wouldn’t stop playing the role of a marginalized person (if you don’t see the problem in doing that, well). I’m sure she’ll continue to have enablers (after all, several of her friends have known who she is for years, and there are those who insist that identity trumps everything regardless of circumstances).

I’m completely certain that she’s the person I’m saying she is. First, because her place of birth matches what she said over a decade ago [archive link].

birthplaceSecond, because the date of birth matches what she put down at a couple of now-defunct forums (this date won’t be displayed on this blog to comply with WordPress’s rules). I’ve been consistent in my references to it, so this isn’t something I pulled out of thin air.

Finally, because a former friend of hers verified this name as the identity she presents herself as privately.

I’ll address her mother’s family first, considering she’s the only parent listed. I found her through this link [archive link] which also lists her husband’s name, and of particular importance, her brother’s.

Major shareholders of C.B.D. Development Co., Ltd. were Khun Salinee Kanjanapas and family held 60 % and Changklan Way Co., Ltd. held 40 %. Other buyers were Khun Salinee Kanjanapas’s daughter and Mr. Pakorn Buranupakorn who was Khun Vichit Buranupakorn (Khun Salinee’s husband)’s brother. Khun Salinee Kanjanapas was Khun Keeree Kanjanapas’s elder sister and was major shareholder of Changklan Way Co., Ltd.

Keeree Kanjanapas (คีรี กาญจนพาสน์), Venesa Burranupakorn’s uncle, is worth $1.65 billion and is the twelfth richest person in Thailand (#1173 in the world) as of 2015 according to Forbes. Another uncle from this side of the family, Anant Kanjanapas (อนันต์ กาญจนพาสน์), is worth $210 million. With all those stocks (including over $4 million in Bangkok Land Public Company Limited as of July 2016), in addition to being a member of The Kanjanapas Group, as well as having been on the board of directors of China Solar Energy Holdings, Hwa Kay Thai Holdings, and Siam Plastic Recycling, among other companies, their sister’s definitely no slouch either.

While their net worth may not be as grand as the Kanjanapas clan’s, the Buranupakorns are still considerably wealthy and influential. Another of Venesa’s uncles, Boonlert Buranupakorn (บุญเลิศ บูรณุปกรณ์), “personally made 1.6 billion baht” (roughly $50 million at the time) in 2011 alone and in 2005 said “For every 100 baht a tourist spends in Chiang Mai, 10 baht goes to the Buranupakorn family businesses because we reach into all sectors of tourism.” The family has a “hotel empire” among many other investments. Pakorn, Boonlert, and Tassanai Buranupakorn (ทัศนัย บูรณุปกรณ์) have all had their turns as mayor of Chiang Mai, Assanee Buranupakorn has been Secretary to the Mayor (his cousin), Wilai Buranupakorn has managed the city’s budget, and Tassanee Buranupakorn (นางสาวทัศนีย์ บูรณุปกรณ์) has been a Member of Parliament.


Vichit Buranupakorn, Venesa’s failure of a father.

Venesa’s father doesn’t appear quite as politically ambitious as his other relatives, being the owner/manager of The Empress Hotels Group. Of course he gives his daughter employment; wealth can and does trickle down to the friends and family of the wealthy.

And now we get to a really unpleasant and distressing matter. According to one of her former friends, Venesa was part of the management of the Downtown Inn in 2011 when at least half a dozen people died there during the months of January and February.


management Venesa boasting about how she can neglect her managerial duties any time she wants months before the incident.

It turns out they were killed by an overspraying of pesticides, but this was only discovered when New Zealand’s 60 Minutes posed as tourists to gather samples themselves because the Thai authorities kept “losing” theirs. I don’t know for certain if Venesa was in fact involved, but it doesn’t help matters any that Boonlert, the actual owner of the hotel, has mentioned how he and Vichit are close in business matters (you’ll have to make do with a rough google translation if you can’t read Thai) and that the demolition company that eventually tore down the hotel say they were hired by Vichit on their website [archive link] (same deal as the previous link). Regardless, this looks to me like it could potentially be murder at worst and criminally negligent manslaughter at best, and yet no one was ever charged with anything.

Privilege takes many forms. These can include

  • Being born into an extremely wealthy and politically connected family
  • A debt-free college education
  • A high-paying job given to you by your father or any other family member
  • Being responsible (whether as an individual or a corporate entity) for the deaths of multiple people and facing no legal consequences

Someone who benefits from all these things is neither marginalized nor systematically oppressed, and to claim as such is an insult to those who are.


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